Does Bible Study Reveal the Meaning and Purpose in Life? 

Bible study reveals a plan and purpose for every person's life. The knowledge and understanding gained from Bible study can give you a better understanding of your life and its events.

Often we ask ourselves questions about life. We wonder about the purpose of our lives. We question whether our lives have meaning. Study of the Bible gives us special insight into the answers to these questions.

Everyone can read the Bible,(even those who cannot read can hear it on audio CD or "talking" books). But sometimes we do not understand the meaning of the words.

The reason why I write this letter to you is to help you and every one who stops here to understand the message of the Bible.

The Bible's message is for everyone, but not everyone gets the message. It is a simple message and plain for all who want to know it. But the opinions we learned in school or the prejudices of other people infect us with a closed outlook on life and a negative view of anything to do with the spiritual truths of the Bible.

But life teaches us that other people's opinion is not always the real truth. Experience teaches us that what our professors taught us is their interpretation or viewpoint concerning life.

Because of our experiences we conclude that their opinion does not apply to us. So we search for other viewpoints, other interpretations.

As we search, we often look at the Bible - a source of enlightenment. But we do not understand the Bible. We are confused by the Bible's many interpreters.

We give up on the Bible because we think we need to be a specialist to understand it. But the Bible is for everyone and everyone who studies it can master it's message.

Starting with Genesis, (I strongly recommend starting at the beginning) and then selectively reading through to the Revelation, everyone can gain insight, knowledge and enlightenment from the Bible.

And I will be there with you, offering helpful insights and spiritual guidance. We will study together what Genesis tells us about ourselves. And we will discover together what it may mean for a better and happier life for us and everyone we meet.

Start today to study the Bible. Bible study will help you to have a better life, a deeper understanding of your purpose and a greater knowledge of just how important your life really is.

The Bible has a message for everyone.

Really, you will see that you are of cosmic significance.

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