John was known as the Disciple Jesus loved.

John and his brother James were also called Boanerges

John-Boanerges means "John son of thunder" and refers to the fiery personality of John and his brother James. This nickname is illustrated by an incident in Luke chapter 9:49.

In this account we read that John was already a follower of Jesus and he came across a man who was successfully casting out demons by using the name of Jesus in the incantation for expelling the demon. However, the man was not a member of the inner circle of disciples.

John criticized the practicioner and told him to stop. John was angry because he felt that the man had no right to use the name of Jesus. The right to do so, John believed, was reserved to the twelve close disciples of the Master.

John told Jesus and Jesus rebuked John. According to Jesus a person who was doing such things was not considered an enemy but a friend.

This small incident gives a clue about some of the initial attitudes among Jesus twelve chosen disciples. It may be that they regarded themselves as special because they had been called to follow Jesus. In effect, such an attitude was correct. Jesus revealed many things privately and secretly to the twelve.

Others followed Jesus. They are called the crowd, or the people and similiar designations. The crowd may have been those who were curious. They may have been casual or occasional listeners to Jesus' sermons. But it was the twelve who were personally chosen by Jesus to be intimately involved in his mission and ministry.