New Testament

The New Testament is a collection of twenty seven books. They are the uniquely Christian part of the Bible.

Christians accept the thirty nine Old Testament books as their Bible and add the twenty seven books to it. This makes the Christian Bible sixty six books.

Some Bibles contain other books called Apocrypha. These writings are usually located between the two sections of the Bible. However, the books of the Apocrypha are usually recommended for devotional reading and do not constitute the official doctrinal books of the Bible.

The official doctrinal books of the Bible are known as the Canon of Scripture.

The N.T. consists of the following:

Four Gospels
One History
Thirteen letters attributed to Paul
The book of Hebrews
A letter attributed to James
Two letters of Peter
Three letters of John
The book of Jude

The Gospels are unique books of faith that detail the life and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth. They are eyewitness accounts authored and compiled after Jesus had ascended into heaven.

Within the category of Gospels, scholars categorize the gospels as:

Three synoptic gospels...namely, Matthew, Mark and Luke.

They are called synoptic because they seem to see Jesus with one eye (syn="with" and optic=eye).

The Gospel of John is categorized as standing alone.

All of the Gospels assert that Jesus is the Son of God, the Messiah and the unique revealer of the essential nature, being and purposes of God.

Jesus calls God "Father" and says that he comes from the father and will return to the father and that he and the father are one and the same. John 14:8-10 and John 16:27-28.

The book of Acts is a continuation of the two book work of Luke. Both Luke and Acts are authored by the same person. They are a two book set.

Luke details all the things Jesus began to do and teach until the time he was taken up to heaven...(Acts 1:1)

Acts details the ministry of the Holy Spirit after Jesus was "taken up". (Acts 2)

There are several main characters in Acts, according to their place of ministry and the times of their actions. So..

We see in the early chapters of Acts the prominence of Peter, Stephen and James. In the middle and later chapters we witness the extensive ministry of Paul.

In a sense, we could called the sections of Acts, the ministry of Peter and the ministry of Paul, all comprised within the Acts of the Holy Spirit.

The New Testament Gospels are "good News". They tell the story of God's fulfillment of his promise that God would provide a savior.

The Savior would be sent from God in order to deliver humankind from the curse of sin allowing them to regain paradise.

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