The Bible and Prayer go together

Prayer and the Bible go together. From Genesis to Revelation the Bible is itself a prayer.

Christian prayer is based on the Lord's prayer taught by Jesus to his disciples. In that prayer, Jesus gave the essential elements of prayer for all time.

Jesus starts with the revelation that God is Our Father. Granted that in our culture, a cultured affected by 2000 years of Christian teaching, it may seem obvious that God is our father. But to the world of his time, Jesus' statement that God is our Father was revolutionary.

The Bible starts with a prayer and ends with one.

In Genesis we read the litany of the Holy Spirit reflected in the words, "...and God saw all that God had created and it was good."

This litany of praise to the Creator is also the prayer of the Father as God places the man in the good garden. Actually, since the man is created in the image and likeness of God we can say that the good man is placed in the good garden for the man's good.

When the man is placed as steward of the garden, it is a prayer in action. God is not merely hopeful that the man will succeed and prosper. God has given into the man's control everything that he needs to florish.

When God creates the woman from the flesh and bone of the man, it is a prayer. God wants them to succeed. But God will not force success upon them. They will need to do it themselves.

The action of God's creation of the woman and God's provision for this new helper to the man, is God's prayer.

Some very beautiful seasonal prayers

Before Christmas

Father of our Lord Jesus, You are ever faithful to Your promises and ever close to Your Church; the earth rejoices over the birth of Your Son Jesus, our Savior.

Prepare my heart during this Advent season and increase my yearning for my Savior so that I may grow in love.

Jesus, save me from my sins. Come and protect me from all dangers and lead me upon the path of a right life.

Bless me, Jesus, with a mind that desires to know and do Your will. Bless me with a heart that is warmed by the thought of You.

And help me to discipline my body so that I may not hurt nor harm others but only use my body to help and be a friend to others.

Prepare a path in my life so that Your words may reveal to me the right path and that I may walk that path willingly.

Bring low the mountains of my pride and be with me as I walk through the valleys of my weakness.

Keep me in the love of your Holy Spirit so that being filled with spiritual power I may be ready to be used by You for every good thing. Amen RosaryPrayer