Create a Successful Website

It is more than just webhosting or putting up a website

It is making money with your own Internet business

What I will share with you in this article is my experience with website creation, web hosting programs, and internet business.

First there was the computer and then there was the internet.

My first computer cost 149 dollars and had no software and I had to use a tape recorder as the memory drive. (I think the name was Timex Sinclair)

Then I got an Atari for the kids and a Commodore 64 for me. The kids loved the Atari and the space invaders game. And I loved the Commodore 64.

I did everything with that Commodore. I even booked my reservations for airline tickets to Europe, hotel reservations in England, France, Italy, Austria, Germany. Plus got the Eurail train passes for the family and the hover craft rides across the Channel.

All of that was done with a $299 Commodore 64 and the "Internet" of that time - a blue screen only, and only text. No graphics, no photos and no color.

What all of that proved to me was that the computer and the Internet were the future. If I was going to be successful, I needed to get involved. I needed to get more computer savvy.

So I got an IBM XT and then an AT computer and continued my love affair with the Internet.

In the 1990's the Internet really came alive with color and graphics and the wonderful world of Yahoo, and MSN. Not only could you use the Internet for basic stuff. You could use it for information and research. People were selling stuff on the Internet and making money.

I still have reports that I down loaded and printed with my dot matrix printer over the telephone modem at 28 K speeds.

They may be old reports but the content is what I needed for my research and it is still apllicable today. (I try to do things only once because there is so much to do and the internet is so vast, that I don't want to waste a minute repeating something.)

Started an Internet Business in 1991

Because I was able to contact a world wide audience, I decided that I would start an Import/Export business using the Internet.

I was very successful in finding, contacting and buying from International suppliers.

But, I was a dismal failure at selling the imported goods on the Internet.

Why? Because I didn't know what I was doing. And because there was no one to help me.

Oh, yes there were plenty of sites to tell me about Hyper Text Markup Language HTML. And there were sites about PASCAL and COBOL and all of that geek stuff. But no one was there to help me successfully sell my products on the Internet.

Not anybody's fault because in 1991 I was ahead of the pack in seeing the Internet as the revolution it has become.

In 1999 I started a very successful direct mail business which allowed me to sell all of my imported inventory and exit that business.

As a career person, I really didn't need an Import/Export business. It was something that interested me and I did it. I learned a lot about buying and selling. About international trade and internation commerce. I learned about freight forwarding, and bills of lading and letters of credit. All of it very interesting but not what I really wanted to do.

I wanted to have a successful website on the Internet. But I was no longer willing to use my talent, expend my time or spend my money. So I tried the free websites.

Nothing wrong with them. But they were not productive of success. The free sites were fine for posting photos of the family or of things I liked to photograph. They were also good for learning about and experimenting with the Internet.

Since I had been involved with both the computer and the Internet since the beginning, I soon realized that I was wasting valuable time and effort by using free web hosts.

You see, I put out a lot of good content based on my knowledge of both Theology on the one hand, religion on the other hand - using another set of hands - I put out a lot of researchable articles about Import/Export and Mail order.

But on the free website, the owners got the advertizing revenue and I got virtually nothing.

The Reason? It's because the Internet is all about information and I was supplying a lot of it in exchange for the free website. Okay, my bad.

If I was going to get anywhere. If I was going to be a successful presence on the web. If I was going to be successful. Then I had to move on.

Discovery of Site Build It.

In 2002 I discovered a wonderful resource that promised success. It was called Site Build It and I was excited to get it.

What is Site Build It?

But the Iraq situation and the United States Army intervened.

I had been a United States Army Reservist for 25 years, entering as a chaplain in 1977.

So along comes this war and along comes this summons and along went this soldier.

Folks, I am against war. Factually, the people who are most against war are those who will lose the most. That is the soldiers.

But we believe in our country and we volunteered. Now we were being summoned to serve. So I and thousands of other men and women of integrity and honor obeyed the call. We were all lovers of peace. But we also understood that the price of peace is all too often war.

Anyway, it was not until 2007 that I was able to get back to Site Build It. And everything has been a success ever since!

Site Builder is Better

What makes Site Build It better?

It works

You do not need to know about Website structure. They do it for you.

You do not need to be a website design artist. They give you many website design options.

Site Build It has a ready made set of tools that allow you to create a professional website without knowing one lick of HTML.

Everything is included in the package. No need for website creation software. Site Build is a set of tools that allow you to quickly and easily create successful web pages.

You will be able to plan, create, and market your business website all with this one program.

Perfect for starting up an at-home business. Site Build It is devoted to helping you succeed.

If you can use a computer and type, that's all the skills you'll need to operate the program. All the technical work is done for you.

Site Build It registers your domain (dot com) name for you so there's no need to go to a separate web site to take care of that. Everything is done in one place.

You don't need any special fancy and expensive software to save your pages, you simply hit the "Save" button to publish your work instantly.

Site Build It Gives you a Domain Name

Your Domain name is very important.

For instance, if you have a website about cat or dog grooming, what will you name your site? A lot of folks will use a cute name like, Paws and Claws. But is that a good name? Does it apply to what you are trying to communicate?

Hey, Paws and Claws could refer to bears and lobsters. Not a good idea if you want to have a successful website.

Site Build It guides you through an informative and enjoyable six step process of finding, defining and refining your website concept BEFORE you choose a domain name. It will be a name that will bring the most visitors to your site and be profitable for you.

(The fee for the domain name is included in the total package price.) That's nice!

But even nicer is that you are helped, guided, taught, and informed by Internet experts on how to choose the best and most successful domain name possible. Site Build It is better because they want you to be successful. If you are successful they are successful. That's it in a nutshell.

No other company is going to help you choose the right name. They just want your business, and once you've purchased your domain name, they send you on your way.

Most people don't even realize the significant impact one simple domain name can have.

A good name could result in thousands of additional visitors per month. That's why Site Build It carefully guides you through this step and makes sure you do it right the first time.

Site Build It helps you get the most visitors to your site.

You cannot have a successful website if nobody visits your site.

Sure, you can get your family and friends to take a look. And you can include the name on your business cards and letterhead and even on the bumper of your car.

The number one reason people fail with their website is because they don't understand how to acquire enough traffic to generate any success.

Let's face it. Anyone can get a web site these days.

But how do you promote your site? How do you get people to click on your site? How do you get listed in Yahoo and Google and Bing and ASK?

Site Build It helps you promote your site. Site Build It is a total program geared to making you successful. Unlike other low priced sites that get you a site and then leave you to figure out the rest for yourself, Site Build It explains the process of listing your site with the search engines. They show you how to get higher rankings with Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask

Then they do it for you. Every time you create and publish a new web page on your site, the Site Build It program automatically notifies the search engines.

Site Build It is more than just technical support to get your website live on the Internet. The program tells you how to choose the right "keywords" and how to write your page content so that it will be noticed by Yahoo and Google and all the rest.

This is of tremendous importance if you are to succeed with any business.

Site Build It is the only tool that is all in one package. And this is also important-

The people at Site Build It can be trusted. This is not a come on or a bait and switch program. It is not a teaser that gets you hooked and charges you for everything else. It is an all in one package of website creation and marketing savvy education.

Let Actual Site Build It owners tell you how they became Successful with SBI

You can have a successful website. Even more, you can have a profitable online business with Solo Build It.

As Dr. Ken Evoy MD. founder of Solo Build It always says, "Everybody know something about something."

You too have a passion.

Before you click on the next and last link for this article, please allow me to say that I believe wholeheartedly that the very best Internet site creation, site promotion and site marketing tool is Solo Build It.

Yes, you can play around with the so called free sites. And yes, you can try the bare bones stripped down cheap sites. They are okay for play.

But if you are serious about getting online. If you are serious about wanting to have an online business. If you want to be successful and make money from your home, than get Solo Build It.

You will not be sorry.

They are actual People, just like you, who have done it, Check it out.