Creation of Humankind

is a special creation of God

And not a accidental freak of willy nilly and helter skelter serendipity!

When we think of the creation of the human person, there is a lot of talk about the scientific view. By this, most people mean the evolutionary view.

It is not the intention of this article to look at evolution as a science but as a philosophy and even more as a theology. It is also the viewpoint of the writer that creation theology is a philosophy of human meaning as well a theology.

To be basic, the evolutionist thinks that the creation was a time when there was the "nothing" And then there was a time when there was the "something" . No need to explain how the No- thing- became the some-thing. It all just happened. I think it would be fair to say that this happening was accidental.

Now, it is quite amazing to think of an absolute "no-thing"!. Can we even get our mind wrapped around the No Thing. It is,(those two words, "it" and "is" are automatically "things" and therefore for the writer to say "It is" means something. You see, "It is" cannot mean No Thing.)

We cannot get our minds wrapped around the "No Thing" problem because our minds, and therefore ourselves...well, we work according to the positive.

Let's try an example. I say to you that the "thing" I am looking at is not a car.

That tells you what something is not and does not tell you anything about what somethng is.

So, if a person asks you, regarding what I am looking at, "What does he see?" You can only answer that "he does not see a car."

But you cannot tell yourself or anybody else, for instance, that I see a tree, or a man, or a bird. That is because you do not know what I see. You only know what I told you, namely, that what I am looking at is not a car.

So, if I say to you that I am seeing nothing, or to separate the words, that what I see is No-thing. It is not possible for you to comprehend, draw, print, cut, carve or duplicate it. Indeed, is no thing an "it" at all?

Friends, all of this seems absurd, but the point is important for the evoluntionary philosophy that tells us that there was the No Thing and then by accident (can an accident happen in a no thing? Is a No Thing in a No Place, and well, you get it!)

So, evolutionists say that suddenly this No Thing became a Some Thing and subsequently by a series of accidental, willy nilly, helter shelter, accidents, this something (I guess the No Thing which I believe refers to the singular, well, I guess this No Thing became several Somethings.?!)

And these Somethings collided and became other Somethings which accidentally became alive and then became fish and the fish landed on the shore and didn't die in the air but before the fish could die it grew lungs and feet and then by having a whole lot of "fish sex" became a mammal and then a quadra-ped, then a bi-ped and then a gorilla and finally a human. And all of this took billions upon billions of years.

The point of all of this creation is that there is no point! There is no reason that the human person exists. Humans are accidental just as everything is accidental. There is no design, plan or rational. Yes, evolutionary philosophy/theology claims to be able scientifically to describe what they believe happened. And if we accept what they say, then it is all accidental and there is no reason why gorillas should not rule the world instead or humans other than the freakish accidents of willy nilly, helter sketer, accidental serendipity. Humans are freaks. Genesis Meaning of Bible